Retired Indiana Public Employees Association - Working for your retirement

To use this assistive technology when visiting, look for the universal icon for persons with disabilities on RIPEA’s homepage. The icon has a blue background and represents an individual with a wheelchair. It will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen along with the word “Assistance”. 


If the icon or word “Assistance” does not appear on your screen, then open your Internet browser and clear your cache.  Instructions for clearing your Chrome browser can be found here.  Internet Explorer instructions can be found here. And, FireFox instructions can be found here

After clicking on the icon or the word “Assistance it will open a toolbar for you to use to perform any of the following:

  1. Have the webpage’s content read to you. To use this feature, turn on your computer’s speaker and highlight the text. Then click the play button/icon. There’s also a pause button and a stop button. You can adjust the volume by clicking the vertical bars button/icon.

  2. Increase the text size on the webpage. To use this feature, click the “A+ Increase” button/icon. To decrease the size of the font, click the “A- Decrease” button/icon or the “A Reset” button/icon.

    When using a Personal Computer (PC) you can also increase the text size by holding down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard­­ while pressing the “+” (plus sign) key. To make the text smaller again, hold down the “Ctrl” key and press the “-“ (minus sign) key.

    For Mac/Apple computers, use the pinch technique. That is, place your thumb and finger on your Trackpad and spread your fingers apart while keeping them in contact with the Trackpad. Or, double-tap with two fingers on the Trackpad to zoom in and back out of a webpage or PDF document. 

  3. Adjust the webpage’s color contrast three different ways to make the website’s content easier to view. To use this feature, click on each of the three “toggle high contrast’ buttons/icons until you find the contrast feature that works best for your vision.

  4. Adjust the website text if you have Dyslexia. To use this feature, click “A” button/icon.