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For years, RIPEA has been working to make sure public employees like you enjoy the retirement you deserve. Become a member and we’ll provide:

Membership is a small cost that makes a big impact on the quality of life for you and other public employees. But we can’t do it without you. The more members we have, the bigger our voice.

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Your Association Is Ready To Help

RIPEA is a not-for-profit created by the 1972 Indiana Legislature. RIPEA was the idea of H. B. Shepherd, longtime director of PERF, who believed PERF retirees needed a not-for-profit corporation to represent their interests.

RIPEA is governed by a board of directors comprised of retirees and active employee members of PERF. Board members are also retirees and understand the needs and desires of fellow retirees. All retirees of PERF receive the benefits of the work done by RIPEA and thus should be RIPEA members. There are over 45,000 RIPEA members today, and you’re next!

Pension Protection

Public funds across the country are under attack. RIPEA works tirelessly in the Indiana Legislature to protect your future pension benefits. An experienced lobbyist, paid by RIPEA, provides Legislative representation, proposes legislation, obtains sponsors and testifies on behalf of RIPEA members at Legislative Committee Meetings. These legislative efforts have yielded these important benefits to all PERF retirees:

  • In every year since 1991 to 2021 there has been a COLA (cost of living adjustment) and/or 13th check for PERF retirees.

  • In 2003, for the 1st time in the history of PERF, a minimum monthly benefit of $180.00 was approved by the Indiana Legislature.

  • In recent years the discussion in the Indiana Legislature was the issue of establishing a defined contribution plan as an option for new employees of the state of Indiana. RIPEA provided information in this process regarding the advantages/disadvantages of offering this option.

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Access To Benefits

When you retire, you often lose benefits such as dental, vision, and other insurance. Your state benefits, and even Medicare, might not cover you in these areas. 

The good news? Your membership gives you access to a wide range of quality insurance plans. As a member, you'll enjoy access to policies designed to protect your medical and financial well-being--everything from life insurance to Medicare supplement plans. And, thanks to our strength in numbers, you can enroll in the coverage you need at discounted group rates.

Social Opportunities

Looking forward to meeting others and socializing again? Join RIPEA now and be ready for future opportunities like nights out with friends old and new, group travel, volunteering, and more. And that's just the beginning. You'll be invited to meetings and other events that will keep you connected to like-minded people.

Research shows that social connection is critical to our mental, physical and emotional health. That's reason alone to join. Become a member today and be among friends.

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Plus Many Other Reasons To Join

Membership in RIPEA also includes a quarterly newsletter, the RIPEA Annual Convention, chapter organizations, and the ability to talk to a live person about your membership benefits or any of RIPEA’s activities. 

With so many advantages to membership, at such a reasonable cost, it’s time to join your association.


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Phone Lines Open Monday ‑ Friday from 8:00 AM ‑ 4:00 PM