Health Insurance Consultants

RIPEA employs two insurance consultants to support members exploring their Medicare options. Both are salaried and do not receive commissions.

Bill Murphy

Bill served as RIPEA's executive director for 43 years before retiring from the role in February 2023. During this time, he oversaw the establishment of the RIPEA Insurance Trust and is experienced with explaining the Trust's various insurance plans. He became a consultant for the Trust in February 2023.

Jim Benge

Jim has over 40 years’ experience in the insurance industry. He was hired by the RIPEA Insurance Trust in October 2019 to provide expert advice to RIPEA members on all insurance matters. Jim can answer questions on Medicare A, B, C, D, supplemental Medicare Insurance Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans and prescription drug plans. He is a salaried employee of the Trust and does not receive commissions.  Jim Benge’s experience is available to you as a RIPEA member at no cost.   He can be reached at 1-833-351-0073 or 317-636-3008.