Executive Committee

The Executive Committee was established in the original by-laws of RIPEA in 1972. The Executive Committee executes the decisions of the Board and when necessary has the powers of the Board.

Current members of the Executive Committee are:
Roger Parent, Chairman
Cleo Duncan, Member
Marriette Montgomery, Member

Legislative Committee

The Board established a Legislative Committee in 2007 to direct and monitor RIPEA’s legislative effort. The primary focus of the Legislative Committee is to attempt to protect the purchasing power of PERF retirees by submitting legislation to the Indiana General Assembly that will provide increases in retirement income to maintain the retirees’ standard of living.

The Legislative Committee is also involved in efforts to protect and improve the retirement benefits for active members of PERF. This effort is concentrated on the benefit formula, vesting and the calculation of final average salary (F.A.S.).

Current members of the Legislative Committee are:
Bruce Kimery, Chairman
Larry Buell, Member
Jack Dillon, Member
Cleo Duncan, Member
Pat Miller, Member
Al Logsdon, Member

Foundation Committee

Current members of the Foundation Committee are:
Marriette Montgomery, Chairman
Howard Buchanon, Member
Cleo Duncan, Member
Craig Hartzer, Member

Convention Committee

Current members of the Convention Committee are:
Chris Bader, Chairperson
Billie Breaux, Member
John Galloway, Member

Insurance Trustees

Current Insurance Trustees are:
Patricia Miller, Chairperson
Billie Breaux, Member
Chris Bader, Member
Mike Hineline, Member

Futures Committee

Current Futures Committee are:
Craig Hartzer, Chairman
Jack Dillon, Member
John Galloway, Member
Bruce Kimery, Member
Marriette Montgomery, Member