Most bequests to charitable institutions or organizations are for a specific sum of money. The donor's will simply provide:

I bequest the sum of _____________ Dollars to the RIPEA Foundation, a charitable organization located in Indianapolis, IN.

However, if you wish, you also can bequeath a specific property to the Foundation. This form of bequest may be:

I give, devise, and bequeath the following described real property to the RIPEA Foundation, a charitable organization located in Indianapolis, IN: property known as _______________, etc.

The foundation Board has adopted a "policy of procedures" for accepting gifts of real property that can be made available to any benefactor.

Alternatively, your charitable bequest can be a specific percentage of the value of your estate. this bequest can be as simple as:

I bequeath to the RIPEA Foundation, a charitable organization located in Indianapolis, IN, an amount equal to __________ percent of the net value of my estate a finally determined for federal estate tax purposes.

Financial and Tax Benefits of Bequests
The vast majority of charitable gifts and bequests are motivated by the donor's desire to provide financial support for the charitable beneficiary. However, tax rewards can also be important. In certain cases, tax benefits can permit donors to give more to their charitable beneficiaries at significantly less after-tax cost to their other beneficiaries.

It has been determined that many persons who have provided long term public service during their lifetime may wish to have a medium to continue contributing in another manner to improve the areas of their public interest - move specifically, areas where they can provide benefits to others in the public sector. The RIPEA Foundation, we believe, is that medium. Your gift to the Foundation can make a difference to the lives of others as well as your own.

Donor Benefits
This page outlines in a very brief manner various possibilities available to those who wish to continue their public service through a gift to the RIPEA Foundation. The Foundation must be considered an extension of your interests and, conversely, any gift to the Foundation can provide you with certain federal tax advantages.

Planning your gift becomes nearly as important as planning for retirement of other purposes. Those of you who have views or thoughts you would like to designate in the gift or bequest should contact the Foundation to determine the feasibility and its compatibility with the Foundation.

The Foundation can also receive anonymous gifts from donors and will honor such requests. However, it is the normal policy of the Foundation to recognize those who support the Foundation. Recognition can be in various ways -- through publicizing gifts and names, and gifts made in memoriam will also be highly recognized.

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