2022 Annual Convention

According to 233 of our members, attendees had a wonderful, entertaining and educational convention.  If you were not able to attend the 2022 RIPEA Annual Convention, you can view the video of the presentations below.

If you would rather view only a specific presentation or segment of the convention, click on the name of the segment below. Enjoy!

Presentation of Colors - Indiana State Police Color Guard
                                       Singing God Bless America & National Anthem – David Harris
                                       Pledge of Allegiance

RIPEA Year-End REview - Bill Murphy, Executive Director

3-5 Year RIPEA Strategic Plan - Craig Hartzer, Consultant

Legislative Review - Joe Loftus, Lobbyist

RIPEA Foundation - Marty Montgomery, RIPEA Foundation Chair

Entertainment - Elvis Impersonator - Bruce Borders, King of the Capitol

RIPEA's Supplemental Health Insurance Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans - Jim Benge, Insurance Specialist

President Benjamin Harrison Biography - Charles A. Hyde, President & CEO

Bill Murphy - Retirement

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