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Anthem Cyber Attack

As you are probably aware Anthem was a recent victim of an external cyber attack. RIPEA is a plan sponsor of 2 Medicare Complement Plans with Anthem.

The information in this statement is the most recent information provided by Anthem including frequently asked questions. RIPEA does not know at this time whether our plan participants information has been accessed. 

How to Enroll in Credit Protection Services Offered by AllClear ID (PDF)

Marty Chitwood Honored on Her 90th Birthday

Marty Chitwood, a RIPEA Board Member since 1998, was honored on her 90th birthday on January 21 by a few of her many friends and admirers.

Marty served as the elected Clerk Treasurer of Greenwood, IN from 1984 to 1988. In addition to her service as Clerk Treasurer Marty held many positions during her career including Real Estate Agent, Executive Secretary to the Commissioners of the Department of Corrections, State Tax Examiner of the Department of Revenue and Director of Student Services for the Indiana Senate. After her "retirement" Marty increased her commitment to volunteer service which had always been a large part of her life. A few of the many organizations she has offered her services are: Children's Cancer Center at Riley Hospital, Tutor at Westwood Elementary School and the Rose Society.

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Record Membership in 2014!

RIPEA had a record 42,912 members in 2014!

Affordable Care Act Important Timelines

Affordable Care Act

  • Enroll between March 1st and March 15th - Earliest effective date of coverage April 1.
  • Enroll between March 15th and March 31st – Earliest effective date of coverage May 1.
  • Attempt to enroll April 1 or later enrollment not allowed until next open enrollment period which runs between November 15th to January 15, 2015.

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Record Membership in 2013!

Record MembershipRIPEA had a record 42,139 members in 2013!

Some RIPEA Facts

In an effort to make RIPEA members and potential members more familiar with RIPEA and it's Legislative efforts here are some important facts:

Annuitization Process Privatized

RIPEAThis notice is for all Active Employee Members of PERF who are RIPEA members.

The Board of Trustees of the Indiana Public Retirement Systems-INPRS- has made a decision to privatize the annuitization process effective October 1, 2014. This decision affects retirees who wish to have their ASA account paid on a monthly basis. Due to the Board adopting lower annuity factors retirees will receive a reduced benefit. INPRS has stated the "average" monthly benefit will be reduced $77.00 per month.

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RIPEA's 40th Anniversary in 2012

RIPEA 40th Year Anniversary

Celebrating 40 Years!

RIPEA's 40th Anniversary in 2012 was a milestone, not only for RIPEA, but for you as well. Whether you were among  the first members to join back in 1972 or you became a member recently, your support has helped RIPEA improve and secure retirement benefits for all PERF members.  We can't thank you enough.

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Direct Deposit Preferred

Direct Deposit to be Preferred Method for PERF Benefit Payments

Direct deposit is hassle-free and convenient. And soon it will be the preferred PERF method to provide monthly benefit payments.

Legislation passed by the Indiana General Assembly allows PERF to select direct deposit as the preferred method of making monthly benefit payments to members.

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Grant to Ivy Tech

The Board of the RIPEA Foundation has made a grant to Ivy Tech to assist with the costs of books, fees and supplies for RIPEA members enrolled in credit courses at Ivy Tech.

You must be enrolled in an accredited course under Ivy Tech's Senior Scholars Program. A Senior Scholar is identified as a person 60 years or older and not regularly employed.

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