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Legislative Action Alert

UPDATE 4/25/19:Thanks to the many RIPEA members who contacted their Legislators expressing their disappointment and the hardship this would cause them and all RIPEA members, there will now be a 13th check for 2019 and 2020.

The Senate Appropriations Committee deleted the funding for the 13th check from the 2019-20 budget.

This action means PERF retirees are in jeopardy of not receiving a 13th check in 2019 and 2020.  We need your help to restore this money in the budget and hopefully result in a 13th check being approved for 2019 and 2020.

Please contact your state senator and state representative immediately asking them to support a 13th check for PERF retirees for 2019 and 2020.  This year’s Legislative session is scheduled to close on April 25th so time is of the essence.  Tell your legislators that without the 13th check your actual income will decrease while the cost of living increases.    

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Amazon supports RIPEA Foundation

We are pleased to announce your Amazon purchases can now support the RIPEA Foundation. RIPEA has partnered with AmazonSmile, a program that donates a portion of your purchase to the charity of your choice. To take part, log into your account, type AmazonSmile in the search field. Next, type in RIPEA Foundation where it asks you to choose your charity. Hit the “select” button when the RIPEA Foundation appears, and you’re all set!

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Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities Added to the Retired Indiana Public Employees Association Website

To use this assistive technology when visiting, look for the universal icon for persons with disabilities on RIPEA’s homepage. The icon has a blue background and represents an individual with a wheelchair. It will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen along with the word “Assistance”. 

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RIPEA’s Position on Public Question # 1

We have received numerous inquiries on the possible impact to the financial status of the Public Employees Retirement Fund if Public Question #1 is passed by the voters on November 6.  The question is: 

“Shall Article 10, Section 5 of the Constitution require the General Assembly to adopt balanced budgets for state government that do not exceed estimated revenues unless a supermajority of two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Senate vote to suspend the requirement?”
This amendment does not place PERF or any of it’s active members or retirees in jeopardy. PERF is in sound financial condition.

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Retirement Planning Advice for Public Employees

Most retirement planning articles talk about 401(k)s, because these retirement plans are aimed at people who work for companies. But public employees who work for government agencies and state colleges or universities have special retirement-planning rules. If you’re a public employee in your 50s or 60s, you’ll want to know about them so you don’t miss out on some special tax breaks you may be entitled to claim.

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2018 Pension Deductions

We have mailed out your 2018 RIPEA membership card.  You recall that you authorized RIPEA to deduct the $15.00 annual dues from your January 15, 2018 PERF check or deposit.Your support of RIPEA is appreciated.

New Phone Number for INPRS

Effective January 2, 2018, INPRS (Indiana Public Retirement System) is getting a new toll free number: 

Your 2017 Annual Convention Presentation Lineup

The countdown is on for this year’s Annual Convention. Whether you’re planning for retirement or already there, or if you’re caring for an elderly loved one, this year’s program and vendors will provide important information to help answer all of your questions.

See what’s in store below.

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Orlando Vacation Discounts for RIPEA Members

RIPEA members can save up to 35% on an Orlando Vacation!
Members receive exclusive pricing on hotels & vacation homes in or nearby Disney World & Universal Studios Orlando as well as discounts on tickets for Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Sea World, and all Orlando area theme parks and attractions! 

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Surprising Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss

Unbeknownst to many, untreated hearing loss has been labeled a significant national health concern by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Their reports reveal other serious and surprising health problems associated with untreated hearing loss, including depression and a decline in memory and concentration.

Their studies even suggest a link between hearing loss and dementia.

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