Retired Indiana Public Employees Association - Working for your retirement

RIPEA membership includes a full package of benefits including:

  • Legislative lobbying on behalf of PERF retirees to increase their retirement income and protect future pension benefits of active employees.
  • A quarterly newsletter distributed solely to RIPEA members. The newsletter keeps retirees informed on matters of interest to you.
  • A suite of group insurance plans including group health, first diagnosis cancer plan, long-term health care, dental, vision and hearing, prepaid emergency air and ground ambulance coverage, and Identity Theft Protection.
  • RIPEA Annual Convention – a chance to socialize and learn about issues that are important to you. Each year RIPEA arranges for many out-of-town members to travel by bus for free to the annual RIPEA Convention in Indianapolis. Currently we have four buses that stop around the state to pick up members: Clarksville, South Bend/Kokomo, Gary, and Vincennes/Terre Haute. We can expand the locations for bus stops if we can get at least 25 conventioneers to commit to coming to the convention. 
  • COLA and/or 13th Check. Free assistance by RIPEA Board Members to work with the Indiana General Assembly every year to get a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) and/or a 13th check for PERF members. In the last 25 years, based on a $200 per month PERF pension Benefit, RIPEA has been successful in getting our members $16,546 more income, and this amount is after their total membership dues ($248) for 25 years were subtracted. Don’t you think a $15 per year RIPEA membership fee is worth this protection from inflation for your pension? COLAs and 13th checks are not automatic. Without RIPEA these increases would not happen.