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2021 Legislation

HB 1227 contains a 13th check with a $50.00 increase in each bracket.  The bill was introduced in the House by Representative Mike Karickhoff from Kokomo, IN.

Due to Representative Karickhoff leadership and effort HB 1227 was passed by the House with just one dissenting vote.  The bill is now in the Senate and if passed by the Senate without any amendments it will be sent to the Governor for signature.  If the bill passes the Senate with amendment(s), it will be forwarded to a Conference Committee of the Senate and House with the hope the Committee can reach an agreement.

If passed with the current 13th check amounts the payouts will be as follows:

YEARS OF SERVICE                                                   AMOUNT

 5-10 years – Disability ONLY                                            $200.00

10-20 years                                                                     $325.00

 20-30 years                                                                    $425.00

 30+ years                                                                       $500.00

If approved the above amounts will be added to your PERF monthly deposit on September 15, 2021.


2020 Legislation

The Legislature passed on the 13th check for 2020, which you will receive on your September, 15 2020 pension check. It will be the same amount as it was in 2019.

As we indicated the 13th check for 2019 and 2020 was in serious jeopardy during the late stage of the 2019 Legislature.

The Senate Appropriations Committee deleted funding for the 13th check late in the session. Thanks to the many RIPEA members who contacted their Legislators expressing their disappointment and the hardship this would cause them and all RIPEA members, there will now be a 13th check for 2019 and 2020.

We are grateful to our members and the many hours worked by RIPEA’s Lobbyist to insure the 13th check for 2 more years