Retired Indiana Public Employees Association - Working for your retirement

2015 Legislative Review

This session, which adjourned near midnight on April 29, was a particularly difficult session for RIPEA to accomplish either one of its primary goals for our members (1) a COLA (2) a 13th check. There were 3 COLA bills and 2 13th check bills introduced. Only one of these bills, HB1481, a COLA bill, passed the House of Origin. HB 1481 which provided a modest Cost of Living Adjustment died in the Senate Labor & Pensions Committee. At that point any chance for a COLA was gone. The only hope for a 13th check was to include it as part of HB1001 State Biennial Budget Bill. Late in the evening of April 28, thanks to the efforts of your RIPEA Board of Directors, Joe Loftus, RIPEA Lobbyist, the Indiana Retired Teachers Association under the leadership of Nancy Tolson and many dedicated Legislators, a 13th check was included in the Budget Bill. Therefore, if you are a PERF retiree with an effective date of retirement of December 1, 2014 or prior, you will receive with your regular PERF check on September 15, 2015 one of the following additional amounts:

5-10 years of service - $150.00
10-20 years of service - $275.00
20-30 years of service - $375.00
30 or more years of service - $450.00

Although obviously disappointed in not receiving a COLA again this year there were many days near the end of the session that a 13th check was in doubt and our members were in danger of receiving no additional monies this year.

We are grateful to our State Legislators that approved the 13th check in the waning days of the session.